Defiant Technologies

Welcome to the website of Defiant Technologies, LLC!

We are a small software company specializing in digital forensics, data recovery, and general software architecture and consulting for our clients, both locally and around the world.

With a philosophy of simple and intuitive user interfaces, our products have helped many millions of people worldwide to recover their lost data, from a lone photographer who accidentally formats his memory card, to a graduate student who deletes her thesis document, to a forensic investigator searching through a criminal’s confiscated hard drive.

Our most popular product, DiskDigger, has been used in all of the above situations, and many others.  It has been praised by countless users for its simplicity and effectiveness, which in turn encourages us to keep making it even better.

Other products are currently in development, including a suite of forensic tools for use in police departments and prosecutors’ offices, as well as specialized utilities designed to recover specific types of data.  This is all, of course, in addition to developing new and improved versions of DiskDigger.

Check out our Products and Services pages for more details!